How to Sublimate on Socks – Sublimation Socks Guide

This is a complete sublimation socks guide that you can follow to print any desired prints on your socks using sublimation. This guide explains in detail how to sublimate on socks and what is the exact process to follow if you want to print a design on your socks using the sublimation printing process.

sublimate on socks

What do you need for Socks Sublimation?

Here is a list of all the things that you need in order to print any socks for your personal needs or your business through sublimation. 

Sublimation Printer

The sublimation printer will print the design on sublimation sheets using specialized ink. If you’re new to this and don’t know much about sublimation printers then check our guide on the best sublimation printers.

Sublimation Paper

Sublimation paper acts as a medium that helps you transfer the print from the printer onto the surface of the intended fabric or material using heat transfer. 

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Sock Blanks

You will need blank pieces of white socks that will be printed using sublimation. Make sure the fabric composition of the sock blanks is at least 65% polyester for good results.


Cardboard inserts inside the socks will help it keep the same shape while will aid in printing one side of the sock at a time. 

Flat Heat Press

The heat press will help the heat-activated dye to transfer over onto the surface of the fabric when they are pressed together between the heat press. 

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How to Sublimate on Socks?

Socks sublimation is a very simple process that you can follow to decorate your socks blanks on your own with any design of your choice. Follow the steps given below in their respective order to achieve the best results. 

  • Turn on your PC and keep the design ready that you want to print on the sock. It should be the mirror image of the final design that will appear on the material.
  • Turn on the heat press and set the temperature of the plates to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Calibrate the time on the press to 36 seconds and the pressure of the plates to be heavy. 
  • Turn on your printer and print the mirrored design on Texprint Paper.
  • Make sure the sock has cardboard inserts in them to keep them in their place facing the same way.
  • Place the sock securely on the platen and place the sublimation sheet containing the print face down on the sock.
  • Line up the sheet on the sock and press at the previously selected settings.
  • After the 36 seconds are complete, release the press and remove the paper from the sock. 
  • Now reverse the sock so the unprinted side of the sock is facing up.
  • Adjust the sock on the cardboard insert so the painted area is slightly spilling over to the unprinted side facing up on all sides which will result in a seamless print on the sock. 
  • Place the sublimation sheet containing the design on the sock and position it correctly.
  • Press again for 36 seconds at 400 degrees Fahrenheit at heavy pressure settings. 
  • Release the press after the 36 seconds are over and remove the sublimation paper right after.
  • Wait for the sock to cool down and now your print is complete. 
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This was our complete sublimation socks guide explaining how you can use sublimation to print any design of your choice on sock blanks. It is a very simple process for people who have a sublimation printer and a heat press accessible to them. If you have any queries related to any step of the process then ask us using the comment section below and we will do our best to provide the solution.