Choose the Right Sublimation Paper for Dark Fabric Printing

Hello printing folk, this is a complete guide on how to find the best Sublimation Paper for Dark Fabric that you can rely upon for all your printing applications. We will be comparing some of the most popular choices for sublimation papers that are compatible with dark-colored fabrics and help you choose the best one that is right for your business. 

Sublimating on dark fabric is a tricky ordeal but the recent developments in printing tech and techniques have allowed us to print on dark fabrics effortlessly. In this comprehensive guide, we will give you our top pics for the Best Sublimation Paper for Dark Fabric as well as a brief overview of how you can sublimate on dark fabric.

Subimation Paper that you can use on Dark Fabric

MECOLOUR Sublimation Paper

mecolour dark heat transfer paper

Mecolour is one of the best multipurpose sublimation papers that you can buy for your business as it is suitable for all sorts of sublimation applications, all the way from fabric printing to printing ceramic mugs. Mecolour is an affordable option that will help keep operational costs down without compromising quality. Mecolour works great with dark-colored fabrics as well. Apply the printed Mecolour paper on a vinyl heat transfer paper and place it over the dark-colored fabric to create beautiful designs on your own without any special equipment. 

Mecolour also works great with fabric consisting of more than 30 percent cotton which is not recommended with most sublimation papers. The paper can be bought in a number of different sizes depending on your use and you can also print on larger-sized paper and cut the result afterworlds to save more. 

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HTVRONT Heat Transfer Sublimation Paper

htvront heat transfer sublimation paper for dark fabric

HTVRONT is a great choice for sublimation paper as it is right in the middle in terms of pricing while providing you with all the features you would expect from a top-of-the-line sublimation printer. HTVRONT offers many different sizes and their best seller is the 8.4 x 14-inch ream that comes with 130 sheets, at least 20 more than what you would get with any rival product. 

HTVRONT sublimation paper claims over 98 percent transfer rate which means the resulting prints will come out brighter and more vibrant. HTVRONT paper is quick drying which minimizes the bleeding issue that you might face with an inferior sublimation paper. It also has a great track record with thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and other online shopping portals. 

A-SUB Sublimation Paper

a sub dark fabric sublimation transfer paper

A-SUB is one of the most popular sublimation paper brands all around the globe with tens of thousands of positive reviews on online shopping sites by satisfied clients. A-SUB is compatible with all the popular inkjet printers as well as vinyl heat transfer papers and sublimation inks. One ream of 8.5 x 11-inch A-SUB sublimation paper consists of 110 sheets that you can use to bring your ideas come to life. The paper is also iron friendly which means you can also use the A-SUB sublimation paper without having to buy expensive heat press equipment. 

A-SUB, however, will not be enough to print on dark-colored fabrics on its own and you will need to sandwich a heat transfer vinyl layer between the A-SUB sublimation paper carrying the design and the surface of the fabric. The quick-drying formula that A-SUB sublimation paper offers help prevent bleeding in the paper and keeps the details intact while in the heat transfer step. 

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How to Sublimate on Dark Fabric?

The sublimation process for dark fabric is not significantly different when you compare it with the usual sublimation process, there are only two distinct differences. 

  1. You will need to use heat transfer vinyl paper in between the sublimation paper and the dark-colored fabric. 
  2. You will need to cut the sublimation paper and the heat transfer vinyl depending on the design that you are trying to print. 

The heat transfer vinyl paper sandwiched between the sublimation paper and the fabric acts as a binding agent for the sublimation ink and helps retain the original colors as intended without letting them mix with the dark fabric. Trimming the HTV is necessary in order to produce good quality sublimation prints otherwise you will be able to see the blank areas against the dark color of the fabric. 

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Can you Sublimate on dark-colored fabric?

Yes, you can sublimate on dark-colored fabric. This is a new thing in sublimation printing as sublimating on the dark-colored fabric used to be a nightmare. The sublimation color dye fuses into the fabric and becomes a part of the cloth which means the color of the cloth used to play a major role in determining the result but now you can use a heat transfer vinyl between the design and the fabric which allows you to print on dark colored fabrics too. 

Do they make sublimation paper for dark-colored shirts?

Yes, there are many great choices for sublimation paper for dark-colored fabric. The recent advancement in sublimation printing technology has enabled us to sublimate on dark-colored fabric as well. Some of the most popular and critically acclaimed sublimation papers for dark-colored fabrics are listed above.

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How do you sublimate on dark-colored t-shirts?

The sublimation process for dark-colored fabric is just the same as sublimating a light-colored fabric with the only difference being that you need to use a white-colored heat transfer vinyl in between the sublimation paper carrying the design and the surface of the fabric. You will also need to cut the sublimation paper and the heat transfer vinyl according to the design so that the excess does not show on the fabric.  

What materials can you sublimate on?

Sublimation is primarily done on ceramic, fabric, metal, and plastic. Sublimation is very flexible and allows you to create your designs on a number of different surfaces without even having to use heavy and expensive machinery. 


This was our complete guide on Sublimation Paper for Dark Fabric and how to choose the right one for your business. If you have any additional questions regarding sublimation paper for dark-colored fabric then leave them in the comment section below and we will get back to you.