Best 13×19 Sublimation Papers for Professional-Level Printing: Our Top Choices

This is a complete guide on A3 plus size sublimation paper to help you find the Best 13×19 Sublimation Paper for your sublimation printing business. 13×19 inches is a standard paper size commonly known as the Super B size or A3 plus-sized paper. There are a lot of sublimation paper brands out there that offer great bang for your buck and we will help you choose the right one for your business according to your application. 

Sublimation papers come in all standard shapes ranging from A6 and all the way to A3 plus and even bigger. The Super B-sized paper is more than twice as big as the standard A3 sheet and is generally the preferred choice for sublimation printing because of the large size which you can use to sublimate large surfaces such as T-shirts and sheets. Before we proceed you do need to check this guide on how to choose the best sublimation paper according to your needs.

Best 13×19 Sublimation Paper List

Shopping for sublimation supplies has become a lot easier nowadays as there are a lot more options available for sublimation papers as sublimation printing becomes more and more mainstream. There are many great brands to choose from when it comes to choosing the best 13 by 19-inch sublimation paper and to help you choose the right brand, we have listed some of the most well-known and positively rated sublimation paper brands that you can choose from, take a look. 

A-SUB Sublimation Paper Heat Transfer 13×19 Inches

Color: White | Item Weight: 125 Grams | Paper Finish: Coated | Sheet Size: 13×11 Inches | Sheet Count: 110

A-SUB is one of the most well-known sublimation paper brands out there with more than 40 thousand positive reviews on Amazon alone and thousands more on other online shopping websites. A-SUB sublimation paper is a fracture-free and fast-drying paper that helps your print retain its details while you transfer the design over to the designated surface and into the heat press. 

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Fabrics with more than 70 percent polyester work best with A-SUB sublimation paper and white or light colors are preferred for sublimation as they do not affect the colors of sublimation design all that much. Make sure to use A-SUB sublimation paper only with sublimation ink to get the best results. One ream of A-SUB 13×19 inch sublimation paper comes with 110 sheets weighing around 125 grams per sheet which is on the thicker side and it helps the paper hold more ink. 

HTVRONT Sublimation Paper

HTVRONT Sublimation Paper 13x19 inches - 150 Sheets Sublimation Paper Compatible with Inkjet Printer 120gsm
Colour: White | Item Weight: 120 Grams | Paper Finish: Coated | Sheet Count: 150

HTVRONT makes premium quality sublimation paper suitable for a wide range of applications. HTVRONT claims over 98 percent transfer rate and vibrant color reproduction while preserving the details. HTVRONT sublimation paper is available in 13×19 inch size and one ream consists of 150 sublimation papers. You can print one big design on the Super B-sized sublimation sheet or print small designs that you can then cut in order to sublimate separately with smaller products like coffee mugs and jewelry. 

This sublimation paper is compatible with all inkjet printers using sublimation ink. Light-colored fabrics are recommended for sublimation that are over 70 percent polyester. Keep unused HTVRONT sublimation paper away from direct sunlight as it might damage the special coating on the sublimation paper that helps it transfer the sublimation design. HTVRONT paper is 120 GSM making it one of the sturdiest options that you can buy and this extra thickness also helps it maintain its shape even when a very detailed design is printed on it. 

Koala Sublimation Paper

koala 13x19 sublimation paper
Colour: White | Paper Finish: Coated | Sheet Count: 100 | Material Feature: Recyclable

Koala sublimation paper is the more affordable option of the three and each ream of this sublimation paper comes with 150 sheets of 105 GSM paper. Larger businesses tend to prefer Koala sublimation paper as it keeps the operational costs down and offers great bang for the buck. Koala paper boasts an instant dry technology that helps the sublimation ink dry quickly and preserves the details of your design that you can then transfer to any surface through heat transfer. 

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Use Koala sublimation paper with fabric consisting of more than 70 percent polyester to achieve the best results and lighter fabric have more accurate color reproduction because the color of the fabric blending into the sublimation ink does not affect the overall final print significantly. Koala sublimation paper can be used for all sublimation applications that you can think of and it is compatible with all inkjet printers. Koala claims no ink bleeding and a high transfer rate despite the GSM of the paper being on the lighter side.


Which brand sublimation paper is best?

There are many great options to choose from when picking a sublimation paper for your business but every business is different which makes it difficult to definitively state one sublimation paper better than all the others for all applications. We have listed some great sublimation paper options above, check them out to find the best one for you. 

What GSM sublimation paper is the best?

Sublimation paper with a gsm between 90 to 120 GSM is considered best for most sublimation applications and you can’t go wrong if you choose a paper that falls between these weights. 

What is 13×19 paper size?

A 13×19 paper is better known by the Super B size or just B Size. It is a very popular size of copy paper used primarily for engineering drawings 

What size sublimation paper is best?

The ideal size of sublimation paper depends on the application you are using it for if you are printing ceramic mugs then going with a super B paper size is probably not a good idea as the majority of the space on the sublimation paper will not be utilized. In the same way, if you are sublimating a t-shirt then going with a small-sized sublimation paper is not going to be enough to contain the whole design. 

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We hope our complete guide on Super B-sized sublimation papers helped you find the Best 13×19 Sublimation Paper for your business or personal use. Super B size paper is considered the best size for a sublimation paper to help keep the operational costs down and also help you sublimate large-sized surfaces. If you have any queries regarding the 13×19 sublimation paper then leave them in the comment section below and we will get back to you.